Seller Facts Of Life

Seller Facts Of Life

Your Home Will Not Sell For A Penny More Than The Highest Attainable Offer From The Most Qualified Buyer In The Current Market

Recent sales of similar properties are researched during the Market Analysis, but the “best” buyer we are looking for is in the current market, not the past. We need to find that ready, willing, and able buyer and obtain his/her best offer, along with the best terms. Houses do not sell for more than the best offer, from the best buyer, in the present market. Many times, your first offer is your best offer.

The Only Way To Find The True Value Of Your Home Is To Aggressively Test The Market And Challenge The Competition

A Comparable Market Analysis is very helpful when determining the price for your “initial” market position. Ultimately, the selling price will be determined by prospective buyers who find your home based on their criteria. Buyers may change the style of home they are looking for but will stay within their pricing criteria. The first two weeks are the most important and it is critical that your home is competitive in price and amenities. The average buyer searches 12-16 homes before making a buying decision. They will purchase the home that they perceive to have the most value.

Thoroughly Testing The Market Through Maximum Exposure Will Yield A Higher Selling Price

When selling your home, it stands to reason, that the more exposure your home has, the better the chance of reaching a larger buyer pool and the higher your chance of getting top dollar in a shorter period of time. More exposure equals more showings which equal more offers. Working with an experienced, reputable real estate agent who has a proven track record along with a real estate company that is a proven leader in the industry is key to achieving the results you desire – Getting top dollar from the best buyer, with the best terms within your time frame for moving.

A Home Realistically Priced And Marketed Effectively Will Always Sell

When you think of real estate, the three words that come to mind are “Location, Location, Location” when in reality, the three most important words are “Price, Price, Price” which is followed by an aggressive marketing plan. If the price and terms are not competitive, you will not have a good chance of selling within your time frame. When a home first comes on the market, both buyers and agents make an instant evaluation. Immediately, they know if the price is right for the current market. If it is, you will instantly have showings, re-shows, and multiple offers. If it’s not, agents will not call to make appointments and buyers will overlook your home.

An Aggressively Priced Home, Will Immediately And Consistently, Attract Attention And Generate Activity

Many homeowners prior to listing their home, tell their agent, that they want to “test” the market, not realizing that the market evaluation is “the test”. Buyers begin their home search online, sometimes 3-6 months before actually making appointments for showings. They do their homework and know home values. Buyers do comparison shopping and act accordingly. They buy with emotion and justify their decision with logic. If your home is not generating activity, you will need to re-position your home in the marketplace (price reduction). The first question a buyer asks is “How long is this home on the market?”

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